ON Media Publications is committed to contributing to the health and vitality of our community. The arts, culture and leisure sectors are essential to our state’s ability to create an environment of innovation and sustainability.  They are an economic asset that stimulates business activity, attracts tourism revenue, retains a high quality work force and stabilizes property values. In partnership with a robust marketplace, each sector contributes to the competitive edge and cultural capital of Arizona. 

This is a principle which resonates with ON Media Publications. Throughout the year, we actively support non-profit organizations that work to improve our community’s quality of life. 

Act One Foundation


In 2011, ON Media Publications President and Publisher Linda “Mac” Perlich and her husband Russ launched Act One Foundation to increase arts accessibility in Arizona’s public schools.

Arts education instills within a student the desire to learn, to develop their own questions and to think both critically and creatively. Skills identified as necessary to compete in today’s global economy. Due to lack of funding less than fifty percent of Arizona public schools provide integrated arts education in the curriculum. 

“My husband Russell and I both benefited from the many visits to museums, concerts and dance performances arranged by the public schools we attended in Minnesota and Arizona. These experiences contributed to the level of education we received and to the richness of our lives today. We believe that our early childhood engagement with the arts and culture in our community broadened our understanding of the world around us and should be a part of every child’s education.”

Act One Foundation supports educational field trips to the visual and performing arts for Arizona's underserved schools. Our belief is arts learning encourages students participation with the arts and culture in their community and fosters civic engagement.

To learn more visit: www.act1az.org 

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As a local business owner I am invested in the success of my neighbors. ON Media Publications is interdependent on the people and companies who play leading roles in the vitality of our community. We are proud to have stayed true to the company’s original goal – to provide the publications free of charge to our arts and cultural partners to allow them to devote their limited resources to fulfilling their artistic and educational missions. We believe by doing this each organization is able to devote their energy to maintaining a vital connection with their patron base and strengthen its financial sustainability. Our locally owned company creates opportunity for the talented people in the non-profit and business communities to work together in making our state a great place to live, create jobs, raise a family and relocate.
— Linda “Mac” Perlich, President and Publisher